Valtecno tubi alettati Valtecno
Company specialized in the production of finned tubes

Our History

The company was founded in 1993 in Bertinoro, in Emilia-Romagna.
In 2005, Valducci S.p.A., which owned 80% of Valtecno’s shares, went into voluntary liquidation and sold its shares to Pantani Divisione Tubi.
Valtecno now has a total area of 3,000 square meters, of which 2,000 square meters are covered. Its team has an extensive experience in the finning industry, gained and developed over more than 30 years of business.
Valtecno is a leading company in Italy and abroad in finned tube industry and is part of Pantani Group.
tubi alettati
tubi alettati tipo KL
dettaglio tubi alettati
fase lavorazione tubo alettato
fase lavorazione tubi alettati
lavorazione tubi alettati
magazzino valtecno
valtecno alettatura
alettatura tubi
finned tubes
tubi alettati tipo L
stoccaggio tubi alettati
Finning is a cold working process on the tube that aims to increase its surface area, thus improving heat exchange efficiency.
By increasing the surface of the tube, finning allows for a larger exchange area, enabling more efficient heat transfer.

Our Products

Applied fin tubes
Applied fin tubes
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Embedded Fin Tubes (G-FIN)
Embedded Fin Tubes (G-FIN)
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registered office valtecno
Registered office
Via Piana, 50
47032 Bertinoro (FC) - Italy
VAT number and fiscal code: 02264570405
operational headquarters valtecno
Operational headquarters
Via Piana, 50
47032 Bertinoro (FC) - Italy
Tel. + 39 0543 449206
team valtecno
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