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Company specialized in tube cutting

Our Partnership with Marcegaglia

Marcegaglia is Italy’s leading industrial group in the entire steel value chain.
The Group's unique strategic positioning is ensured by a very wide product range going from carbon to stainless steels, from long products to tubes, from flat products to prepainted, as well as heavy plates.
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tube cutting
taglio tubi per la produzione di marmitte
pantani automotive cutting
A pivot of Marcegaglia’s strategy is the almost fiduciary relationship with their customers and suppliers. The unique characteristics of this production network allow for genuine partnerships for the integration of supply chains and the development of new products and employment solutions.

Pantani Group is partner of Marcegaglia Specialties.
With a total processing of 1 million tons of steel per year, Marcegaglia Specialties is the world’s leading manufacturer of stainless steel welded tubes, which are used in a variety of industries, including the Automotive sector.

The partnership between Marcegaglia Specialties and Pantani Group (specifically PAC and PAD) was established in 2010 to invest in the production of mufflers for the Automotive industry by employing Pantani’s know-how and experience in tube cutting.

PAC - Our history

Pantani Divisione Tubi seized the opportunity for this partnership and organized a division entirely dedicated to tube cutting for the production of mufflers.

PAC (Pantani Automotive Cutting) was established in 2019 from the sale of this business unit of Pantani Divisione Tubi Srl, which diversified the company's primary activity in 2011 by the will of the administrator after concluding a service agreement with Marcegaglia Specialties of Forlì, part of the Marcegaglia Group, for tube cutting for mufflers. The company had a plant of about 4,900 square meters for this activity.

The business is still running in the same location (Via Secondo Casadei, 1 in Forlì), but with more than 8,000 covered square meters and another 10,000 uncovered.

In its first year of this activity, PAC cut around 5,600,000 tubes, rising to a total of 13,000,000 cuts in 2022 and about 15,000,000 in 2023.
PAC Srl (Pantani Automotive Cutting) was created from this line for the Automotive industry. PAC management’s strategic goal is to achieve lasting success, pursued through the consolidation of our partnership with Marcegaglia by focusing on their expectations, always providing new services, monitoring the strategies of competitors, and always trying to ensure the highest quality of the product, on-time delivery and compliance with contract requirements.

Despite the difficulties arising from Covid-19 and the resulting general crisis in the automotive industry, we have gained market share.

A strategic tool is the introduction and continuous improvement of a Quality Management System in accordance with the applicable requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. This System, based on risk-based thinking, ensures that business processes are more reliable and consistent, thus minimizing costs and losses associated with deviations and noncompliance.

Recently, PAC has decided to expand its business and invest in new machinery and new markets. In cooperation with its partner Marcegaglia, the company has embarked on cutting tubes for the electrical industry, energy industry, etc.
Our steadily growing results and continuous investment in more and more advanced cutting machinery show that today PAC has an excellent market reputation among tube cutters for the Automotive industry.

Processing Range

  Tube Diameter Wall Thickness Tube Length Storage Capacity
Ferritic 14 – 127 mm
0.55 – 5 in
0.8 / 3 mm
0.03 / 0.11 in
10 / 3020 mm
0.39 / 118.89 in
6000 square meters
Austenitic   0.8 / 2.6 mm
0.03 / 0.10 in


registered office pac
Registered office
Via Secondo Casadei, 1
47122 Forlì (FC) - Italy
VAT number and fiscal code: 04425950401
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Operational headquarters
Via Secondo Casadei, 1
47122 Forlì (FC) - Italy
Tel. +39 0543/782381
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