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Company specialized in tube cutting (Automotive industry)

Our History

The partnership established in 2010 with Marcegaglia Specialties Spa has been a success thanks to our expertise, meticulous attention to details and extensive experience in tube processing.
As a result of this success, Marcegaglia Group later proposed that we open another plant in proximity to its end customers to meet the growing demand for car mufflers on the European market.

In 2016, in response to this demand, Pantani Divisione Tubi opened a plant in Poland called PAD, precisely in Gliwice, which has become a large center working for Marcegaglia Specialties Spa to produce cut-to-size tubes used in the Automotive industry. The strategic location in Gliwice, Poland, has allowed us to establish a strong network of suppliers and business partners in the heart of Europe. PAD has an annual capacity of about 10,000,000 cuts. Today the storage capacity is about 4,000 square meters.
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taglio tubi produzione marmitte
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PAC and PAD work in close synergy, sharing information and constantly collaborating in order to provide our customer Marcegaglia with a more and more efficient service.
PAC and PAD together have 30% of the European market for cut-to-size tubes for the production of Automotive mufflers.

Processing Range

  Tube Diameter Wall Thickness Tube Length Storage Capacity
Ferritic 14 / 127 mm
0.55 / 5 in
0.8 / 3 mm
0.03 / 0.11 in
10 / 3020 mm
0.39 / 118.89 in*
4000 square meters
Austenitic   0.8 / 2.6 mm
0.03 / 0.10 in
*in some cases up to 4000 mm / 157.48 in


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