curvatura di tubi per scambiatori di calore Pantani divisione tubi
Company specialized in bent tubes for heat exchangers

Our History

Our history started in 1996 with the plumbing company Pantani Giovanni and Riccardo, specialized in livestock systems. In the following years, the company decided to open its first plant to make special finned tubes in-house, since that type of tubes were necessary for the heating systems of livestock farms.
dettaglio lavorazione tubi curvati
tubi curvati
fase lavorazione tubi curvati a U
lavorazione tubi curvati
fase lavorazione curvatura tubi
bent tubes
fase lavorazione tubi curvati
tubi a portale
tubi curvati in casse
imballaggio tubi curvati
imballo tubi curvati
In 1998, the company opened up to the petrochemical sector by launching the production of low fin tubes and U-bend tubes in that same plant. Since then, we have steadily expanded our technological and production capabilities, thus positioning ourselves among the leading companies in this industry.
In 2004, Pantani Divisione Tubi was established as an autonomous company, and it is now specialized in tube bending for heat exchangers, while finning and other types of processing (e.g., corrugation) are carried out by the other companies of Pantani Group.

Our Products

Bent tubes
Bent tubes
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Pantani Divisione Tubi has been an ISO 9001:2015 certified company since 2004.


registered office pantani divisione tubi
Registered office
Largo De Benedetti, 4
20124 Milano (MI) - Italy
VAT number and fiscal code: 03392810408
operational headquarters pantani divisione tubi
Operational headquarters
Via Ansaldo, 5/7
47122 Forlì (FC) - Italy
Tel. +39 0547 347008
team pantani divisione tubi
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