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Company specialized in low fin tubes and corrugated tubes

Our History

Panval was founded in 2015 by Pantani Divisione Tubi and Valtecno Alettatura.
Initially, Panval was located in Slovakia and it manufactured low fin and U-bend tubes.
low fin panval
alettatura low fin
tubi low fin
lavorazione tubi low fin
low fin tubes
alettatura low fin e corrugazione
imballo tubi low fin
The company’s primary goal was to establish a new production unit in close proximity to the tube factories and with a central location in the European market, in order to provide a faster and more efficient service while reducing costs.
In 2021, Panval returned to Italy to further specialize in low fin tubes, not only on the outer surface of the tube, but also inside the tube.

Our Products

Low fin tubes
Low fin tubes
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Low fin tubes with internal rifling
Low fin tubes with internal rifling
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Corrugated tubes
Corrugated tubes
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registered office panval
Registered office
Via Fontana, 11
20122 Milano (MI) - Italy
VAT number and fiscal code: 11491870967
perational headquarters panval
Operational headquarters
Via Ansaldo, 5/7
47122 Forlì (FC) - Italy
team panval
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